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Kyle David Crosby

Kyle David Crosby is an established film, television, and commercial producer from Washington, DC. After launching his film career in 2006, Crosby has worked tirelessly on every project that has come across his desk, whether it be feature film, television series, commercial campaign, still photography shoot, or documentary. He is a physical producer, involved in the nuts and bolts process of production from the ground up. In his words, he "helps take ideas from the napkin to the screen". He has worked all over the US and the world in various capacities, on a myriad of projects, and in varying budget ranges, from the high to the ultra low. He is the principal of "Pictureshow Productions" and has lately begun channeling more and more of his efforts towards projects that need a full-service, turn-key style operation that can be facilitated by Pictureshow. The company operates out of the Union Market district in DC and provides production services for all manner of productions coming to and through the nation's capital. When he's not developing and producing a project through Pictureshow, like “DC NOIR” written and directed by George Pelecanos, he does still do "work for hire" gigs and most recently finished Executive Producing the Sony Pictures Classics feature film “Mending the Line” for Blue Fox Entertainment, starring Brian Cox and Sinqua Walls. The film released theatrically in August 2023 to critical acclaim.

He is at much at home in the office as he is on set. He is rarely seen without his phone in hand, making the moves necessary to keep each project running smoothly, on time, and coming in under budget.

He is an active member in good standing with the Producers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America.